Play with me now

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Play with Me Now

[wpfilebase tag=file id=913 tpl=mp3 /] Play with me Now – Sang to “Come with me now” by Kongo Play with me now Play with me now Whoa, play with me now Coming to your town Whoa, play with me now One shot, you’re going down Their fears take their toll From Far corners of the world […]

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The Legend of Kithicor

Jan 27, 2015 by in Audio Video,  , 915 

If there is one story in EverQuest that has defined my character… it is the Battle of Bloody Kithicor. The first GM World Event in EverQuest. Below, I tell the story, as Jethal would around a camp fire. If you wish to read the official lore, Click Here. If there is one Video I would […]

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The Isle of Kithicor

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kith isle banner

[wpfilebase tag=file id=912 tpl=mp3 /]   Isle of Kithicor – Sung to “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks 1) I gaze into the darkness of a cold and endless night Whipped by the cold spray of a ocean’s stinging bite Dark clouds bring rain fall an erie misty site What can I do, where will […]

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A Lonely Gravestone

Nov 27, 2014 by in Gaming News,  , 954 

Today, a fan sent me a screenshot from within Kithicor’s Forest in the Phantom Sea. At this location, a lonely grave is located. If you mouse-over the marker, it reads “J.S. may this ranger of the forest find eternal rest”. Holy Shit.. Jethal’s Grave has been found!!  Phantom Sea, Kithicor’s Forest, /way 325, 54, 972 Thank […]

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New Song: I Craft

Nov 8, 2014 by in Audio Video,  , 1,041 

[wpfilebase tag=file id=910 tpl=mp3 /] I Craft – the Tradeskiller’s Song – Sung to “I Ran” By Flock of Seagulls I take a plank and trim and inch Making bows and arrows all for you Make it all for you With tinkered cogs, i’ll grab my wrench Thingy-ma-bobs and Divining Rods point true.. Make it all for […]

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Ask Me Anything

Oct 26, 2014 by in Adventures,  , 682 

I’ve been seeing a lot of this going around, and I figure what the hell.. Ask Jethal Anything!

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Klak’anon Clockworks

Sep 14, 2014 by in Audio Video,  , 903 

Having had great fun playing “Portal” and “Portal2”, I decided to record a new song, from a EverQuestII clockworks’s perspective. There are two versions of the song for you to enjoy. First was recorded using myown voice. The 2nd was completely computer generated (simulating GLaDOS from Portal) – both were run through similar program that […]

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Thoughts on SOE Live 2014

Aug 23, 2014 by in Gaming News,  , 977 

Well, we’re a week removed from SOE Live 2014.. Good times, meh times, not-so-good times. Here’s my take! Please note that this is not a convention breakdown, this is simply the thoughts on my experiences. The Bad! Not much in the way of bad this year, honestly. We had a good time. Food Prices. Last […]

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Fippy Banner

BBBBAAAARRRKKKK!!!!! You humans will pay for ruining our homeland! GRRRRRR!! Family Darkpaw of the Sabretooth Clan will slay you all!! BARK!

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