Featured Video: Ice Ice Baby

Nov 26, 2011 by in Audio Video,  , 1,596 


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Featured Video: I want that Rock

Nov 25, 2011 by in Audio Video,  , 1,763 
EQ2 Video Banner - Antonica


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Holiday Station Cash!

Nov 24, 2011 by in Contests,  , 2,173 
Free Station Cash

The Jethal Silverwing Show will be giving away Station Cash this Holiday Season in a series of Mystery Contests!.. why is it a mystery? Stop asking questions and win some Station Cash! Friend Jethal Silverwing (Matthew St.Gelais) on Facebook Make sure to subscribe to my status updates, or you might miss something Make sure to […]

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Featured Video: For the Dwarves

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For Brell’s Sake.. Give what you can! [pro-player][/pro-player]

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Double XP and Sale

Nov 23, 2011 by in Gaming News,  , 1,583 

From We know you’ll probably be stuffing your face with Turkey over the next few days, so why not also stuff your experience bars? That’s right – we’re having a Double XP weekend! This weekend, from 12:01 am PST on Thursday, November 24th, until 11:59 pm PST on November 27th, we will be running […]

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The Halfling Threat

I don’t agree with this video.. but I’ll let you judge for yourself.. [pro-player type=’video’][/pro-player]

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Featured Video: Dont Delete Me!

Nov 22, 2011 by in Audio Video,  , 1,534 
EQ2 Video Banner - Antonica

Ever wonder if your toon takes it personally? [pro-player type=’video’][/pro-player]

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The Jethal Show! Turkey Trotting

Nov 21, 2011 by in The Show,  , 1,282 

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving Week here in the U.S.! Almost every country in the world celebrates some sort of Fall or Harvest festival. How do you plan on saying goodbye to fall and welcoming winter? We Want to Know!! Respond Here and join us live in our in-game chat

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Featured Video: EQ1 Promotional

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EverQuest 1 Banner

Do you remember

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Lilith Astaroth

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