SOE has lifted NDA on Landmark, so here we go! Now, first let me say that we’re in the “Alpha stage” – which means SOE is still working on this, and there’s a lot more to come. Here are a few first thoughts on what I’ve seen so far. Warnings I’m sure there will be […]

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A little bit Country

Jan 4, 2014 by in Audio Video,  , 769 

A little bit Country (A little bit Drunken Dwarf) (MP3 Download Here) – Filk, sung to “A little bit country (A little bit Rock and Roll)” by Donny and Marie Osmond I’m a little bit country I’m a little bit rock and roll I’m a little bit hunting and craftin I like to kill […]

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frostfell in freeport

Frostfell in Freeport (MP3 Download) – Filk sung to “Christmas at Ground Zero” by Weird Al It’s Frostfell time in Freeport There’s magic in the snow The kids are playin, while mom and dad are stayin Warm by a fire’s glow It’s Frostfell time in Freeport The Overlord is pissed The Grump took his […]

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One More Show

Dec 14, 2013 by in The Show,  , 1,146 

[wpfilebase tag=file id=886 tpl=mp3 /] Jethal and Elquin are joined by the Director of Global Community Relations for Sony Online Entertainment: Linda “Brasse” Carlson! It’s been 13 months since the last live episode of the Jethal Show. What have they been up to? Why did the original show stop? We’ll go into all that and […]

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A Little Tech Help?

Dec 8, 2013 by in Real Life,  , 893 

OK, I’m trying to work out some data storage for the house, not only for my movies, but for general household use. But, I want to make sure I understand this RAID thing before I go through with purchasing any hardware. Raid 0: 2 drives into 1, doubles capacity, no protection. (2)1tb drives, become (1)2tb […]

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Frostfell Songs!

Dec 1, 2013 by in Audio Video,  , 991 

It’s that time of year again and Jethal’s here with the Christmas Cheer!  Enjoy!! [wpfilebase tag=list id=’6,5′ tpl=mp3-list showcats=1 /]

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New Song – Gate Back

Nov 26, 2013 by in Audio Video,  , 894 

Gate Back (MP3 Download) – Filk, sung to “Get Back” by the Beatles Fippy was a Gnoll, he said he wanted vengence. Planned to take the Qeynos Gate Fippy was courageous but he wasn’t patient Went solo ’cause he couldnt wait Gate back, gate back Gate back to where your toon spawned from Gate back, […]

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The Jethal Silverwing Show

Nov 23, 2013 by in The Show,  , 874 

For almost five years, Jethal and Elquinjena brought Music, Mayhem and Madness to the masses in a weekly live podcast, featuring original parody and filk songs, news and happenings in EverQuest2 and had deep meaningful conversations from the folks making it happen in Norrath. We called it quits in 2012, due to real-life commitments and […]

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New Song: Clockworks

Oct 7, 2013 by in Audio Video,  , 1,922 

Clockworks (MP3 Download) – Parody of “The Fox” by Ylvis Gnolls go grrr Bears go growl Aviaks squak and the Bixies Buzz Goblins Grunt, Dryads sigh, and the dragons roar and roar Sirens sing, Sharks go splash and the meatbeast moos like cows But there’s a sound, understood by gnomes.. WHAT CLOCKWORKS SAY!? (EQ […]

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Wild Accounts

Sep 20, 2013 by in Gaming News,  , 876 
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What wild, incredible, account of bravery or manliness can you spread about Jethal? We want to know! Reply here with your account of unbelievable acts! For example : Jethal once beat Lord Nagafen in Chess Or Jethal once deflowered a maiden with a passing glance The most outrageous (and funny) claim will win a random […]

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