Facebook Privacy Monkeys

Dec 27, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 975 
New Facebook Settings

Well, it seems the wonderful folks at Facebook have enacted more privacy settings making it less likely to actually get updates from the people you want.. recently, I referred facebook’s employees as “Rabid Monkeys”.. yeah, I wont apologize for that, I think it’s pretty accurate. If you want to make sure to get updates from me make […]

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A year without Fudge

Dec 8, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 1,172 

Elquinjena and I have decided that this year, we’re cutting back on certain things.. We regret to inform you all that.. there will be No Evil Fudge sent out. We don’t know what in the world happened to the time. How is Christmas only two weeks away? Time is just not on our side, including the timing of our paychecks […]

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Basic Harvest Day Information

Nov 18, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 1,127 

Not everyone celebrates “Thanks Giving” – that’s typically an American holiday. But, most cultures have some sort of Harvest festival. Be safe! Have fun! Enjoy your festivities, and here’s a few tips and info… Need tips and help with your Turkey? Go to the Butterball Website! Thanksgiving is celebrated in the U.S. every 4th Thursday […]

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EverQuest 2 Apps

Oct 13, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 2,593 
Mobile Banner

I came across a few apps for EverQuest 2 that I think are just really neat, thought I’d share them with you all! EverQuest 2 Theme (Download) for Go Launcher EX This is a theme near and dear to the hearts of all involved with WetWyered. As a collective we’ve all been involved with EQ2 […]

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The Houses of Horror

Oct 13, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 6,077 
Horror House Banner

Movies.. we love them. Horror Movies.. I love them. Especially this time of year, we rent, buy or file into theaters to view the latest, greatest (or not so great) movies. But, in the modern world of Computer Generated Images (CGI), some times we forget that some of the famous locations of our favorite movies, […]

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Halloween Movies

Oct 5, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 1,267 

At home, bored and don’t know what to do? I’ve got some ideas for great movies to watch this Halloween season. Keep in mind that I watch A LOT of horror movies, this is just the tip of the iceberg for me – I’ve got a library of 450+ titles. Have any suggestions? Leave a […]

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Jerry Lawler in Hospital

Sep 10, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 1,508 

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Wrestling article at but this one is actually making me anxious. Monday, Sept 10th 2012 – WWE Raw was being broadcast from Montreal Canada. Around 7:30 (pacific time) color commentator, Michael Cole announces that Jerry “The King” Lawler has been brought to the locker room, where […]

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Beard, Goatee or Clean?

Aug 3, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 1,882 

Beard, Goatee or Shaven?? Hey, just because I want to know what you think

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Let’s Get Social

Jul 29, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 1,028 
Lets Get Social

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been – slowly but surely – adding social networking options to – Let’s face it, this is the way the world is trending nowadays. Today, I permanently add the Facebook Commenting System, which I’ve been debating for a while now. But, after our own comment hosting system proved […]

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The Plague!!

Jun 15, 2012 by in Real Life,  , 900 
Plague Banner

Well, listeners to The Jethal Show will know that Elquin’s been sick for a few weeks.. today we got the diagnosis of “Whooping Cough”, aka “Pertussis“. The northwest has had quite an epidemic of the disease this year, and Elquin is not immune. Fortunately for myself, I got the vaccination just last month when I […]

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