Hotfix Tuesday

Jan 30, 2012 by in Gaming News,  , 945 
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GENERAL Fixed a bug where some characters wouldn’t show on character select. ZONE PROGRESSION / POPULATION Tower of Frozen Shadow (Raid) Tserrina’s spell “Wing Buffet” should no longer cause priests to become knocked back. Adds spawned from shadow doors should no longer spawn quite as quickly. The number of adds that spawn from shadow doors […]

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Game Update June 24 2011

Jun 24, 2011 by in The Show,  , 1,471 

Source: EQ2 Community Forum INTRODUCING LEAPER AND GLIDER MOUNTS! New mounts have been added to EverQuest 2! Quest: Leaping To Conclusions Leapers – mounts whose powerful jumping abilities will help you cover vast amounts of distance with each vault, are available to players beginning at level 30. Players interested in obtaining a new mount should […]

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GU60 Notes

May 31, 2011 by in The Show,  , 2,892 

Originally posted at the EQ2 Official Forums “The Children of War” The Fortress of Drunder has emptied of Rallos Zek and his armies as they pass into the Plane of War to prepare for their eventual march on the Western Wastes. The Demi-Gods, Tallon and Vallon Zek, are subjugated within its towers, ignorant of Rallos’ […]

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